Coline: a human adventure

Over the years, more than 30 years already, the Coline brand has been able to conquer a public in search of new clothes while keeping the family spirit of the company. From the harem pants to the original dresses, from the colored pants to the embroidered blouses, our stylists have always brought a modern touch to the ethnic and bohemian fashion for women and men.

Magasin Coline dans les années 1980


Our story begins in the early 80's, with the travels of our founder in India. Seduced by so much originality in the field of clothing, he had the desire to bring back all its exotic gaiety to his dear Lot-et-Garonne.

1987 - Creation of the Coline brand

The success with the customers quickly imposed the registration of the brand, passing from the individual enterprise to a well organized wholesale company, while keeping an essential convivial spirit.

Magasin Coline dans les années 1980

A perpetual creation

The arrival of a team of stylists and model makers in our premises in Fourques, gives all its sense and defines the identity of Coline which becomes in a short time a brand impossible to circumvent in the universe of the ethnic fashion.

Each season Coline makes it a point of honor to present a whole range of clothes with unequalled originality. To do this, our stylists work on the creation of our models whether they are bohemian, hippie, chic or beach, in order to satisfy all the tastes of its customers, without forgetting the large sizes.

Creative and quality

Although faithful to ethnic fashion, Coline also develops a wide range of styles, playing with different types of textiles, embroidered viscose, cotton and linen, plain or floral, lace and ornaments, fluidity of materials... The quality and the cut of the garment remain an important parameter.


Competence and outreach

A rigorous organization and a professional conscience of each of our employees allows a service up to your expectations, from the order to the after-sales service. 

In addition to its online store, Coline SA is also represented in several countries for sales to clothing professionals, but also by thousands of retailers in stores or on local markets...

The essential values of our brand

Since its creation, the Coline brand has never stopped reinventing itself, adapting to the evolution of fashion at irresistible prices. Each customer has been able to find in its collections the ideal outfit for all situations, whether for a wedding, a maternity, the practice of yoga or African dance, medieval festivals, the city or the countryside, work or vacations, the beach or hiking...

Despite the expansion of the Coline brand over the years, the company has always maintained the same values of respect, conviviality and commitment to its suppliers, employees, retailers and customers. 

More than a brand, Coline is also a way of thinking that is open to the world.







Ethical manufacturing

Our collections are produced in China, India, Nepal and Indonesia.

Trust and loyalty are the pillars of a privileged commercial relationship that binds us to our suppliers while guaranteeing dialogue, transparency and respect for people. It is thanks to this trust that we guarantee an optimal and permanent quality.

We regularly visit the manufacturing sites in order to validate the conformity of the working relationships and the application of the specifications according to our ethical approach.

To know :

- No minors in the workshops,

- A working day of 10 hours maximum for all with a maximum amplitude of 12 hours,

- A weekly rest day, 

- Decent wages for the country, 

- Contribution to a health insurance, or direct payment of health care by the company, 

- The management and the staff must respect the employees and workers.

Coline ensures the conformity of its products in accordance with the standards in force, in particular the azoic dyes and the REACH regulation (formaldeids, phthalates).

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