Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, basic or patterned, the T-shirt is a must.

Are you addicted to t-shirts too? In cotton or viscose for comfort, in polyester for more elegance and transparency, this top adapts to all women.

The T-shirt is available in all styles: the wrap-over top is the master of elegance, the V-neck and the round-neck are essential basics, the square neck enhances the neckline and last but not least the turtleneck that keeps us warm during cold days. A wide cut provides optimal comfort and trendy loose effect while the fitted cut at the waist is more classic and highlights the silhouette.

Every tiny detail adds a touch of originality and difference to each model. Laces or embroideries on the collar and sleeves, sewn flounces give more volume and movement to t-shirts. Ruffles on the collar and shoulders highlight chic feminine side.

Plain and basic styles are often worn under a sweater or blouse to stay warm. Sophisticated colourful and patterned models will enhance your look and affirm your personality.

You got it, at Coline we love t-shirts that is why we offer you an almost endless choice of t-shorts. You will find for sure your favourite one.


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