The smock and the blouse are two irreplaceable assets of elegance and femininity par excellence. Give in and buy one of our original and colourful references.

The short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouse and smock can be worn all year round and in all circumstances. You can have a chic look with a white embroidered blouse and black pants, or more casual with a tie front cashmere-print shirt.

If you prefer traditional cuts with a V-neck and fitted waist, go for a colourful version with paisley or floral patterns to add a touch of madness to your style. If you are not afraid of originality, let’s try a wide collar to leave one shoulder bare or a tie collar with chiffon sleeves for a transparent effect. If comfort is a vital element for you, choose a 100% cotton or polyester blouse remaining both trendy and relaxed with a graphic or ethnic print. Why not to be seduced by the bohemian, bohemian-chic style, with a viscose crepe blouse with flowers print and with pompoms and pearls adorned ties. You will love the working-girl side of the button-down shirt that can be worn both tucked into jeans for a more casual events or outside jeans in a more classic ;way.

At Coline you will find all possible blouse styles. You will definitely choose one among them.


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