Low Prices

The bargain corner for smaller budgets.

Want to treat yourself with original, colorful and ethnic women's clothing at low prices? The low prices category is made for you. Here, all the articles are at the round price of 15€ to crack without guilt. 

You'll love our catalog of short, medium and long dresses for all seasons, plain or colored, with curved, wide, long, short and 3/4 sleeves, v-neck, round or wrap-around collars, and with details of embroidery, pompoms or original prints.

For tops, you can choose between long or short sleeve tee-shirts with a wide range of colors, wide or fitted tunics with Indian, baba cool, romantic or bohemian patterns, and feminine blouses and shirts with embroidery, lace, floral or basic prints.

You'll also find a selection of thin sweaters for mid-season or thicker knit, velvet or fleece for winter. With details in macramé, embroidery, frills, ruffles or colorful and ethnic patterns, you are spoilt for choice. Not forgetting the thin vests, the comfortable and original zipped hooded jackets. 

For bottoms, don't hesitate to choose our short or long trapeze skirts, straight or flounced, to fit any style and desire. Straight cut cotton pants and high and low fork sarouels are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns. 

If you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe for the summer, choose from our shorts and jumpsuits in tropical, ethnic, and bohemian prints.

Get great deals on coline.com on our older women's ready-to-wear collections. Don't forget to take a look at our new collection of the moment and the entire collection, not to mention the accessories. 


New collections, promotions, good deals, and much more, you will not be able to miss anything.

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